Cyber Waves Company has developed a new mobile application called EyePolice, whereas the Lebanese Ministry of Information showed interest by obtaining a version of it. For its part, the National News Agency will manage the application by providing a special section on its own website in order to account any failure to complete duties by the competent ministry. EyePolice is a mobile application available on both Android and iOS, which aims at spreading social awareness as well as ensuring the involvement of all citizens in improving their quality of life and safety of the society. Each citizen can create his own account by registering his personal mobile number or by just being a visitor. The difference between both accounts is that the former allows him to accumulate a number of points that entitles him the opportunity to win multiple prizes within the “Reward System” policy, unlike the second where points cannot be collected in the first place. The user can then take a picture or a video of a specific violation, characterize it, select the party concerned and then send it, while the application directly registers the place and time of the violation. The National News Agency then checks the validity of the infraction and refers it for processing. If the complaint is true, the agency will keep the user informed. The application provides the user with complete confidentiality; However, if the Ministry needed additional information about the violation, it will have to submit a special request to the user in question who has the right to approve or reject it. In case of refusal, the Ministry shall be entitled to stop following the violation and therefore it is considered rejected. A registered user or visitor can use the application in both online or offline modes and within the Lebanese territory only, and is entitled to sign in from one device. The user must also specify the precise location of the violation via the GPS system or manually by recording the address in a detailed manner.




Your Account Information. You provide your mobile phone number to create account on Eye Police . You have to add other information to your account, such as a User name, profile picture, DOB , Country , Nationality , Address … knowing that your Username is Unique where you can edit all your information except the Username. We need access to your Location , Camera and video , to submit it with the violation you send , it's mandatory to send photo or video with each violation report you submit to make it authorized and more confidential. While we need the Location to filter categories according to the country you are in , also we need to check the violation address for the admin to follow up.






Users information are protected, no one can access it or view it without the user's permition. Users are anonymous to the public. The user's account is protected by encryption. The password is ecrypted before being send to the server and in case user saves it on the device; also on the server there is another layer of encryption before storing the password to ensure the safety of the user's account. We use double layer protection for the user's account by verifying it using the mobile number via an sms, and by security questions that are ecrypted also.